Brownie's Low Rider Rescue

Virginia Beach, VA

 My name is Meela! I am a sweet shy lab mix and I'm 9 years young! I loved my family my whole life! One day I was so excited because I thought we were going on an adventure! But they took me to a place that was very loud and very scary. I wanted to go home, but they dropped me off and drove away. I was so lonely, heartbroken, and scared in this place they called 'the kill-shelter'. I don't know why my family left me - I am a good girl! One day the workers at the shelter told me 'my time was up' I didn't know what that meant, but it didn't sound good. Lucky for me, A pretty lady named Lindsey came to get me and took me away from that place! She dropped me off with a nice family who had 2 other dogs for me to play with! I am loving life here, but I am ready to have a family of my own where I can stay and be safe forever! My foster mommy says I am the sweetest girl in the world! I am very mellow and relaxed! I love to nap on soft blankets and be lazy with you! I LOVE to eat and snack time is my favorite time of day! I am housebroken and I love my crate! Although I am a bit shy at first, I love people, kids, and other dogs (although dogs that bark a lot scare me - it reminds me of that bad place I was in!) I am a little hard of hearing, but I love when you talk to me! I walk like a very well-mannered lady on a leash, but if you want to be lazy and relax with me all day that's great too!  Won't you please adopt me??  Meela is currently being fostered in Myrtle Beach, SC & a meet and greet is a must before an adopter can be approved. Meela is spayed, microchipped, UTD on all vaccines, is HW negative & has been kept current on preventatives since her arrival to her foster home. Tramsport can be arranged as long as it is a reasonable distance. Her adoption fee is $150.00.

Nayla is a very loving dog. She is potty trained and crate trained. A meet and great is a must to adopt Nayla. She does very well with small dogs. She is being fostered currently in Virginia Beach VA . Transport can be arranged. Her adoption fee is $150 She is current on all vetting, heartworm negative, spayed & has been kept current on all hw as well as flea & tick preventatives.

Hi! My name is Teagan ( 3 years old) & I am searching for my perfect forever family that will love me forever♡ I am potty trained, crate trained, & I'm warming up to all the dogs in my foster home. You see when I came to my foster parents, I had some nasty & infected chest wounds. They were horrible & they hurt me very badly. I still gave my heart to my foster parents & put my trust in them. Guess what happened? The rescue & my fosters helped me to finally feel better! They started me on antibiotics, pain medication & they had my open wounds closed up. I helped when it was time to remove the drain tubes though (didn't want the vet to work too hard). My chest looks & feels a million times better. My foster momma says I make her laugh almost to the point of crying a lot! What can I say, I'm really cute & have a charming disposition. I am located in Fayetteville, NC and transport can be arranged.
I do have heartworms, but foster momma has started me on slow kill hw treatment, & will talk about how to continue my treatment with whoever is the lucky family that adopts me♡
I can't forget to add my one requirement for adoption, I need my new parents that adopt me to hold me, snuggle me, & kiss me all the time like my parents now do. That helped me to open up more than anyone will ever know, they made me feel like I belonged somewhere for the first time ever. I promise that if you do this & give me endless belly rubs, I will be your best friend ♡♡♡♡
  Teagan's adoption fee is $200.00.

Meet Carmella. She comes to us from Cumberland County Animal Control. Carmella is crate trained, housebroken, & she does very well with other dogs after a proper introduction. She does well around cats as well. Carmella is very very active, & loves to be outside. Whoever adopts her really needs to have a securely fenced in backyard. She does great on a leash, but will pull away if she sees a dog she wants to play with. She's 8 months old, spayed, microchipped, UTD on all vaccines, is hw negative & being kept current on all preventatives. Carmella is currently being fostered in Fayetteville, NC. She's a catahoula/pit mix. She needs an adopter who has breed experience & she can NOT be adopted on post or anywhere where there is a breed restriction. She is super super sweet & loves to snuggle on your lap. To fill out an adoption application, please go to forms above. Her adoption fee is $200.00.

Introducing Conin, our sweet boy!!! He comes to us from Cumberland County Animal Control, where he was serving time on death row, so we posted his bail & he earned his freedom. What an awesome save he is.
upon arrival into his foster home, he seemed to be pretty shy with new people, but never aggressive. He was friendly & comfortable around his fosters dogs immediately & over time, he has warmed up to the humans in his foster home. Conin has a touch of seperation anxiety, but nothing that can not be worked with. What calms his anxiety you ask? Having another dog around him. Because of this, we feel that he needs other dogs in the household that adopts him.
Conin loves to get out & run in his fosters backyard, so a requirement to adopt him will be a securely fenced in backyard. Also due to his breed, we need to verify that there are no breed restrictions where you live. Absolutely no on-post adoptions. We feel that Conin would do best with a really dog-savvy cat in the adoptive home, or no cat at all. Conin was very scared tp go on car rides when he first came to his fosters, but with time & patience he has become a lot better. Conin is not a fan of being crated by himself, so he will need an adopter who is not gone for long periods of time. He does best being crated together in a very large crate with his fosters dog. Conin is very sweet & loves to cuddle & give kisses. He is 1 years old, neutered, microchipped, UTD on all vaccines, is hw negative, & has been kept current on flea & tick preventatives. He needs a breed experienced adopter. His adoption fee is $200.00.

Meet Miss Aubrey!!!! Aubrey is a German Shepherd that came to us from Cumberland County Animal Control. She was very emaciated upon arrival & we also found out she is Heartworm positive. Aubrey is currently under Hw treatment using the slow kill method ( BLRR will pay for treatment until she is negative). Since coming into foster, Aubrey has put on some excellent weight. She is dog friendly so long as the other dogs do not have alpha personalities, she is potty trained & crate trained as well. Aubrey can NOT be placed with cats. She must have a securely fenced in backyard. Aubrey would do very well in a household that is not overly active, & with someone who will not leave her for extremely long periods of time. Her favorite activities incude going for long walks on the beach (Ok- so we aren't that close to a beach, but that's on her wish list), walks in general, playing with her toys, cuddling on the couch with her humans, & watching Grey's Anatomy late at night. She is a very affectionate girl & really needs an adopter who will show her endless love. Aubrey has mild seperation anxiety, a common german shepherd trait, so a patient & understanding adopter with breed experience is a must. Aubrey is spayed, microchipped, UTD on all shots & is current on all flea & tick preventatives. Her adoption fee is $200.00 

Meet Shadow! Our 6 year old beauty who was rescued from Cumberland County Animal Control right in the knick of time. Shadow had been owner surrendered to CCAC & had been sitting for quite some time. We could not let her precious face leave this world, so we made her rescue happen. She is a very happy & sweet girl. It's very obvious someone has shaved her at some point in time, but with proper supplements & great food, her coat will be as beautiful as new in no time! Shadow needs slow introductions with new dogs, but so far has done great with the dogs at her current foster home. She needs a very securely fenced in backyard & an adopter with breed experience. Children in the adoptive home must be properly taught how to act around dogs, & she should not be placed with cats. Shadow is spayed, microchipped, UTD on all shots,hw negative & is current on all flea & tick preventatives. Her adoption fee is $200.00
Introducing our beautiful girl, Luna to BLRR! Luna came to us from Cumberland County Animal Control, where she had to wait for her stray hold. Huskies do not do well in captivity, so true to the breed, Luna started shutting down. We swooped in & saved her life!!! Luna is crate trained, housebroken, & dog friendly. We can test her with cats if somebody is interested in adopting her that has cats. We believe the previous owners that had Luna may have left her outside for long periods of time, as that is where she is most comfortable. We finally have her to the point where she will lay on the couch with us & snuggle, but it took a few days. Luna will make someone an amazing companion, she is so very gentle & sweet & just aims to please. Luna is spayed, microchipped, UTD on all vaccines, & HW negative. She is being kept current on all flea, tick & HW preventatives. If you are interested in adopting Luna, please start by filling out the adoption application above under forms. Her adoption fee is $200.00
Jackpot  ( On medical hold)