Brownie's Low Rider Rescue

Virginia Beach, VA

Mary Kay  

 I am a little bias as it's my mother and she gives and gives because I am her daughter. She is known as BLRR's grandmother to all the dogs we save. If you are looking for a new consultant who will bend over backwards to get your stuff to you asap without all the waiting- here she is .. Also you can host parties and fundraisers.

Another business that supports BLRR is a lovely lady who makes harnesses for dogs ( any size ) She will show you how to measure and you can pick from an assortment of designs/fabric. Please like her page and share.

Origami Owl..    The owner of BLRR's website  For your nail care needs
Sandi's Soap Scents. Not only does she love animals, but she helps rescues with fundraisers and she is a personal dear friend of mine for over 10 years. BLRR loves her and all she does for us.
A beautiful photography company in Myrtle Beach , SC . She doesn't just take beautiful photos , but she is a personal foster for us. I am sure she will travel to take pictures for you. She doesn't live too far from Fayetteville, S.C . The picture you see is one she took of her foster baby for us.

Check out Adger's beautiful cards she makes at