Brownie's Low Rider Rescue

Virginia Beach, VA

Blake, who came to us from cumberland county with his brother Conin, is no longer in the search for his happily ever after- he has found it with his foster family who saved his life. Only wonderful days from here on out Blake, & congratulations to his foster family- thank you for saving his life & making him so incredibly happy!!!! We could not do what we do without our fosters. Congratulations Blake- you are home sweet boy!!!
Punkin, who has been with her fosters for a very long time, has officially been adopted! She could not be in better hands & it is obvious she was meant to be with them all along. Congrats Punkin on your official gotcha day!!!! And congrats to our amazing foster, who has put so much love & time in to making Punkin the dog that she is. These are the best kind of failures!
Cullen, our sweetheart we pulled from Cumberland County Animal Control, has officially become a foster failure with his foster family (the best kind of failure around!). They nursed him back to health through a nasty URI, & once he started feeling better & showed his true personality, they just could not bare the thought of letting him go to anyone else! Congratulations to Sheena & her family & most of all, congratulations to Cullen- you are home forever sweet boy!!!!

Here are our success stories!

Laddy was found as a stray and saved by BLRR at Prince George Animal Control in Virginia. He found his way to his foster home in Hampton, VA with Lori. Lori and her family fell head over heals in love with him. Laddy came to us with no teeth, mats all over him but enough love to share with the world. We knew he was an older guy but that didn't stop us from saving him when we got the notice from Hotdoghill Sanctuary . They helped us to pull this guy since they were close by. Thank God that Laddy was heart worm negative and his blood work came back 100% perfect. He is estimated to be between 12-17 years old but that is based on overall health and eyes. Obviously we can't go on teeth. We soon found out that Laddy's foster family wanted to adopt him because they didn't want to let him go. We made it official on 1/11/14 . It was the perfect match. Laddy who is now known as Lucky found his forever home with our foster family. The great news is that we didnt lose a foster family . Lucky is simply lucky! He has doggy siblings, kitty siblings and he has 2 human sisters that he sleeps with each night. This was a match made in heaven! 

Sasha was saved in NC from a no kill shelter. She went to a foster home name Lori who also fostered and adopted Laddy/Lucky. They fell in love and did the same thing-- They adopted Sasha!! Welcome home Sasha <3 2/2/2014
We decided it was best Tia being so fragile and sick that it was best she stayed with her foster mommy Debbie down in Florida after getting out of the shelter instead of making the trip up to Virginia. She is doing ok but has her good and bad days. She will live out her remaining months/days or years with the mommy who loves her now. <3

Diamond /Penny was adopted o 2/2/2014 from Liz and her family. Our first official adoption that didn't incude a foster failure. She was saved from a high kill shelter in NC . She has a great home with 3 human kid sisters and brother and one big goofy fur brother who is adorable. The family is a match made in heaven for Diamond and I am so happy they found each other.


Dasher has made his home up in Richmond VA with his loving family . Good luck Dasher. May you live out your senior years being spoiled rotten !!!

Pip and Pete found their forever home in Richmond, VA as well with their family. It was great to see them go together to a home as the are a bonded pair. Sarah and her family decided that they couldn't just take one or the other so together they went. Happy ending for both. 

Bentley has decided that he is so in love with his foster mommy Whitney that he doesn't want to leave. Whitney felt the same way. So he is staying there in Virginia Beach with her, his fur brother and his two human brothers. It's a match made in heaven. <3 

General who is now known as Frankie was a foster failure as soon as Diane from Suffolk laid eyes on him. He finally found his forever home and it couldn't be a better match than I could hope for. He is so loved and so spoiled. Frankie, good luck honey.. I know you are finally not bouncing from home to home and you can rest easy now. You are home.. You are loved. xoxox

This is the picture that started Buster being famous. Buster is finally in his forever home in Chesapeake with a forever family of Lynn and Barrett who happen to be fosters for us as well. Buster was abused and neglected in the past but no longer does he have to worry. Buster will have nothing but love and attention. The great news is that the adoptive parents are going to stay in touch with his foster parents to make sure they can see him . The foster parents did such an amazing job with him . It was a very touching story . I can't thank Jason and Scott enough for what they did for Buster. Because of them, Buster has a 2nd chance at life to be loved. I can't wait to see what they do for our next dog that needs BLRR help. 

3/3/2014 Popper has been adopted!
3/6/2014 Valentine at her new home!
3/11/14 The Boys BJ and Max bonded pair went together to start a new life. They are now known as Frank and Beans. They are so loved and spoiled. I constantly get to see new pictures of them. This family is so smitten with their babies!!
3/14/14 Woody finds a wonderful home with new playmates

Casey came to BLRR in Feb and never went up for adoption because her foster family fell in love with that beautiful face.

March 2014- Titan joins his new pack!
March 2014 Joe -- His family loved him so much that they came from Long Island New York to Cape Charles Virginia to get him. He is BLRR's first miracle baby.
3/31/14 Bolt BLRR's first Dachshund on stilts rescue. He went to a great home to a single mom in Charlottesville VA and ia living life being spoiled.
4/10 Frank found his forever home with a beautiful family right here in Virginia Beach. He shares his family with a dachshund and a pit bull . They all get along great!
April 2014. Red found his forever home with a great family will spoil him rotten !!!
April 2014 Ruby and Thelma are 11 year old sisters that were adopted as a bonded pair and will be living their senior years in Greenville , S.C
April 2014, Handsome Bear found his forever home even after his great escape that had a few of us chasing him for 7 hours one weekend.
Pete found his forever home right with his fosters. They worked with him so much to help his toy aggression and after all that work, there was just too much bonding that happened.  Pete has 4 human brothers that he adores!
Roscoe is officially home with his new family. A match made in heaven !!! My foster family was the best and loved me until I found a new home . I am so grateful for them . This is why fosters are so important !!! It's helps doggies like me live !!!
RIP Roscoe

May 2014 Tia was adopted by her foster mommy today 5/17/14 :) We couldn't be happier. C.J and her husband realized they couldn't let her go. We love those ears of hers too!

May 2014 Tamara ( Tia's Sister) found her forever home today as well 5/17/14 with this wonderful family. We are hoping for play dates in the future with the sisters.

May 2014- Chloe- the beautiful big girl on her back- found her forever home the moment we dropped her off at her foster home with Jennifer and her family. They couldn't let her go. She is still in the middle of losing weight . Chloe came from an Alabama shelter where she was dropped in the night box overnight with no note. We are so happy for Chloe and her new family.

May 2014 Sammy on the right was adopted by his foster Mommy as well. He just happens to be fur siblings with another BLRR alumni name Frankie who was General when we got him. Congrats to this beautiful family and to Sammy.
May 2014 Sampson found his forever home also with his foster family. It is a perfect match. He has a doxie fur sibling and a pit bull fur sibling. He also has 2 human sisters . We wont mention the snake as a sibling. HAHA. We are so glad this loving family decided to keep Sampson and love him forever and ever.

June 2014 Printz came to us sick with heartworms in March . After 90 days of treatment he found his forever home with this beautiful family and their two dachshund mixes. I couldn't be happier. This has to be a special family because I was going to keep Printz and decided that it was best he went to a home and not mine. It took finding the perfect home for him. From the moment he walked in that door- I could tell he knew he was home!

June 2014 Buddy came to us from GA being high heart worm positive. He is almost done with his treatment and this beautiful family of 3 fell in love with him and decided they wanted to have him join the family. He is fitting right in with them. Good luck Buddy. We love you and can't wait for the updates!!


June 2014 Gracie is one of Clarissa's puppy and was the 1st to be adopted. This family of 3 will love her for all the days of her life. We can't wait to watch her grow up through pictures and stories. She was the last of puppies to be born and the first to be adopted. <3
June 2014 Barron on the left has been officially adopted ! Good luck Barron
June 2014 Indiana was the 2nd of Clarissa's puppies to be adopted. He just happened to be adopted by the foster who took in Clarissa and all 8 of her puppies. Trust me, he will be so spoiled it's not funny. He will have a lab sister and husky brother , plus 2 human sisters to grow up with. Good luck Indiana who is now known as Finway.
June 2014   Duke was adopted by this beautiful family and is excited to go home and grow up to be loved and spoiled by these two. We can't wait to see him grow up into a handsome boy!
Izzy and her new mommy Julie who is a dear friend of mine. I was very picky on where Izzy was going to live forever as I was really wanting to keep her but knew I couldn't. So glad she went to Julie . Good Luck Izzy Bizzy. <3

Midnight was found as a stray by one of our adopters ( Liz who adopted Diamond) and we reached out to help . Midnight was adopted by a dear friend of mine who happened to also be a huge supporter of BLRR. Congrats to Midnight and her new mommy Kim P  ( 6/30/14)

Hopper is one of Clarissa's puppies and the runt of the litter. He was adopted by his beautiful family in June. Good luck boy. Have a wonderful life sweetie..

Socks, one of Clarissa's puppies was adopted by this awesome family who just fell in love with her and couldn't live without her.. Good luck Socks. Can't wait to see how beautiful you turn out !!
Gadget- One of Clarissa's puppies was the last boy of the bunch to get adopted. He found his forever home today on 6/30/14 . He will be so spoiled by this family.
Our grouchy and set in his ways senior Curly got is forever after in his forever home . His forever family loves him to pieces. He has two other dachshund siblings and he is so happy. This is what rescue is all about. By far the best family to have him. He is such a sweet boy and so glad he has a family that looks past his faults.

Captain will be staying with his fosters who fell in love. He has many fur siblings to hang out with and run and play with. Way to go Captain. We couldn't be happier for you.


Penny was adopted by her foster family on 7/26/14 . She was BLRR's first Parvo case and she beat that nasty disease. She will forever be a special girl to us . Good luck Penny in your forever home with Lindsey and Tyler and try not to rule the house too much. She is such a princess and she knows it!
Maggie was our last puppy from Clarissa's litter to find her forever home and it was a match made in heaven. Her mommy Erika fell madly in love with her. Maggie walked in her new home and owned it the moment she got there. Instant love!! Good luck Maggie!!!
Sara was adopted on 7/1/2014 when her mommy instantly fell in love with her . She just happened to be friends with the puppies foster Mommy. Sara has a sibling kitty name Cuddles who she will be best friends with.

After 6 months with BLRR-- Freckles found his forever home with his 4th foster mommy Debbie. It was love at first sight. He has an entire pack of dachshunds to sleep with. Truly a blessing for both Freckles and his family!!! We get visitation rights too!! xoxo

Liz and her family who adopted Diamond ( right side) early in BLRR decided they would adopt Formerly known as Starsky and Hutch but now known as Sitka and Haines . They are "Dachshund on Stilts" aka lab mixes.
This wonderful family fostered Deuce the father of the two puppies Chance and Stella that Willow gave birth two. They are one happy family now. It was love at first sight for this family as well.
Penny- far left was our special sweet girl in wheels. When she went to this foster home- it was the best thing for her. She found a home that did water exercise with her, took her on walks, let her dig and let her be PENNY!  They are starting acupuncture with her soon. Another love at first sight. An amazing foster failure right here.. Penny was with us for a while too.
King Douglas came to us fully decked out in ticks and fleas and lyme disease. He has found his forever home with his family in Chesapeake. He is the only one making him the KING!!!! He is a senior who stole every ones heart!!! Mine especially!
Oct 2014-Nikki  Nikki was adopted by a former BLRR adopter . Her brother is a senior dog we saved from Cumberland County and his name is Curly. This family just adores Nikki and Curly. Nikki is on the right in this picture. She is absolutely adorable.
Oct 2014- Lil Bit met her mommy Oct 5th and it was a match made in heaven. Mommy couldn't put her down from the moment she met her. To take in a older dog means you are pretty special in my eyes. Lil Bit is 7. Heather opened her heart and home and she never looked back. This is one special girl!!!
Oct 2014-Precious  was adopted by Susan here in Suffolk VA. She instantly fell in love. Precious came in to the home and it was like she had lived there her whole live. Precious we wish you the best. No more shelter life for you.
Rowdy- Officially adopted by our first foster and adopter and # 1 Lori Z. She adopted Laddie aka Lucky and Sasha.. Rowdy is a grumpy 12 year old man who suffers with seizures and Lori has the knowledge now and has it mastered and we believe its the best home for him. We don't want to take him away from that.  Rowdy is the gorgeous boy on the left.

Oct - Cooper formerly known as Olaf found his forever home with his mommy and daddy and two sibling human sisters.. He is the spoiled rotten spotted cutie you see there sleeping next to his daddy.




Teddy is living the high life in West Virginia with his new parents. Originally from Fayetteville NC. Spoiled Rotten he is!!! No other way to be!!!
Daisy is now living in her forever home with her mom and two furbaby sisters and it was a match made in heaven. :)
Thelma and Louise found their forever home with our fosters Glen and Olesa and they love it. They have two fur brothers Baxter and Leo. These two are very bonded and there was no way we were going to break this pair up. Welcome home ladies!!!
November- Stella our beautiful baby has found her forever home--
Willow ( the mommy of Stella and Chance ) found her forever home and it was a blessing!
Molly Mae-- found her forever home with such a sweet family. She shares her home with a human brother and then a fur brother name Moose!
Max found his forever home with his BLRR Foster Family. We love these endings!!
Harley and Oscar found their forever home on 12/14/14 and will stay together as a bonded pair. Sweet boys , good luck!! We all love you, especially your foster home and forever home.. <3 <3 <3
12/21    Prince finally found his forever home after being with us since July.. What a lovely family he has. He has a pug fur sister :)
Poppy found her forever home right at her foster home. She is that beautiful girl on the right side. Michael and Jennifer love her to pieces!!!
Max was a lucky boy and didn't have much time left. He was adopted by Sheila who adopted Munchkin many months ago who passed away from Congestive Heart Failure. Munchkin since Max to Sheila and the rest is history !!!/  1/4/15
Lenny was adopted by this beautiful family on 1/17/14 who knows all about min pins!!! He will have min pin cousins!! Have fun Lenny!!
Roscoe got two chances to live.. One with the shelter and one with us due to severe aggression.. Luckily Lindsey our foster worked with him and we found an adopter to help him.. He has totally turned around with the help of some meds and a quiet environment .. Happy go lucky Roscoe now!!! . Adopted out on 1 /17/2014
Rip Sweet boy
Roni was adopted by a friend of the foster home.. Good luck Roni-- We love you !!!  1/15/2014 ( family pic to come)
Bella- our mange girl is in her forever home up here in VA.. She is loved and will spend her life with humans and then a furbaby brother name Benny who is a black and tan dapple . Good Luck Bella. You have come a long ways !!!
Sophie is a puppy of Gracie and she has been adopted now. She will live up North and so far she is living the high live.. We love you Sophie.. Good luck in your new home!
Prince Sammy is in foster for health reasons but has been adopted to stay there because of his health and age.. We love that we were able to find a forever home that will love him until it's his time. We love you Prince Sammy. Thank you Kim and hubby!
Tommy is another of Gracies puppies that got adopted today.. He will be camping and living in Hampton Raods of VA living the high life.. We are so happy for him!!!
Brodie which is one of Gracie's pup's got adopted by a family who also shares his home with Nitro who is in the home. We couldn't have asked for a better home for Brodie.. Good luck boy !!!
Nitro which is one of Gracie's pup's got adopted by a family who also shares his home with Brodie. GO Nitro. You may be the runt but you are big at heart. We love you ..
Zoe is up north living the high life with her family !!! She is one of Gracie's puppies as well.
Grayson was adopted in the same building complex that our Prince was adopted at .. BLRR is rocking the Mayflower.. Grayson ( front) is another one of Gracie's pups!!
Flash is one of Gracie's puppies who found his forever home here in Hampton Roads VA .. We all love this little boy !!
Midori was adopted by a beautiful family who loves her to pieces. She started out very sick in our rescue was very reclusive.. Her foster mommy Lindsey helped her to trust humans again. She is now living the high life of being the only dog and being spoiled rotten !
Gracie was adopted by our wonderful foster home and her Foster mommy Lindsey !!! She just fits right in and there was no way after all she has been through that we could let her go anywhere else.. <3
Shorty was adopted by his foster home who happened to just fit into the pack. They can't live without him and he can't live without them !! We love our boy Shorty !!!
Babygirl was almost adopted and then they changed their mind. This made us all think with her age and where she is at that she is right where she belongs- With her foster parents.. Be loved Babygirl
After a year with us- Toby finally found his forever home on 3/28/15
4/5/15  Good luck Brownie.. I hope you have the best life ever..
4/6/15 Popi is now known as Minnie. She finally got her forever home just like her other sister did. Good luck Minnie !!!
Archer was adopted quickly with Jeanette who is Lindsey's mom! Congrats Archer. You will have a wonderful life.
BB got out of his foster home.. When he got out he was found by a neighbor who fell in love.. It must have been meant to be :)
Chloe  <3
Ava <3 adopted by her fosters
Turtle Man was adopted by a long time fan of ours , turned foster, turned adopter <3
Dixie was adopted up in Ohio. Good luck in your new home.
Maddie is adopted 8/4/15  good luck girl  You are in a great home
Alisa was adopted and now living up in NY ..
Roxie found her forever home!!! 10/23/15
Brownie is now in her forever home. 10/23/15
Ace was adopted toward the end of October and he is loving life with his new family.
Scout was adopted by his foster family in N.C.. Match made in heaven . Have a great life Scout
Buddy and Girl , both seniors and bonded were adopted by our foster Brandy. They are living a great life together now. Congrats babies.
Jasmine was adopted today 12-20-15  . She was in foster with Debbie for a while and her Christmas wish of being in a home for the holidays came true. Good luck Jazzy. Enjoy your new life .